Monday, August 30, 2010

Day 2

Well, the first day of school has come and gone...I loved taking the PlanetBox.  At first, I was a little concerned that it wouldn't hold enough food for me, but with the after school snack I had, it was perfect.  The box also got a lot of compliments in the teacher's lounge. 

Here's tomorrow's lunch:  Sugar snap peas, grapes, Triscuit Thin Crisps with a Laughing Cow French Onion cheese wedge, broiled polenta (topped with paprika and parmesan cheese), and, like before, Trader Joe's chocolate covered peanut butter pretzels.  

Since I have another planning meeting after school that will last until 5 again, I also plan to fill the Big Dipper with more grapes and grab a granola bar for an after school snack.

Added to What's for lunch Wednesday...go check out other great ideas!


  1. I love your lunchbox!! Too cool!

    Erika at

  2. That is a great lunchbox.

    Love the variety inside too!

  3. Hi Amanda! So glad you are jumping on the bento boat! Leftovers are a great way to fill a bento, especially if you don't have a lot of time in the morning. This bento looks yummy and what a cool box! I found you on Shannon's What's For Lunch Wednesdays blog. Happy bento-ing!

  4. We are both beginners:) I love the look of that lunch box!! Beautiful!