Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Another quick Wednesday lunch...

Tomorrow is Wednesday again, and that means lunch on the run.  I plan to eat the Luna Bar as I'm driving between schools, and the rest (Trader Joe's roasted Gorgonzola cheese crackers, celery with Laughing Cow french onion cheese, a honey crisp apple with cinnamon, and candy corn and peanuts) later in the afternoon.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Tiffin Tuesday

I've LOVED using my Planet Box, but while packing my lunch for Tuesday, I realized that it just wasn't going to work.  So, I pulled out my Happy Tiffin.  I used this almost every day last year before I purchased the Planet Box.  I love that both products are stainless steel and they both have insulated carrying bags!

For tomorrow, I'm taking left over tamale casserole with some corn tortilla chips, grapes, snap peas, and a granola bar to eat after school. 

Added to What's for Lunch Wednesday...go check it out!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Monday again...

New week...new ideas.  Tomorrow, I'm taking sliced strawberries (nothing new there), some raw green beans, and chocolate chips.  As for "new" things...I have some whole grain baguette bread that I'll toast and rub with the garlic clove.  I have roasted red pepper bruschetta (in the Little Dipper) to put on the bread.  I'm also taking a celery stick with some Laughing Cow french onion cheese on it. 

Two lunches from last week...

The end of the week gets pretty busy...so in addition to never seeming to get photos posted here, my end of the week lunches are usually pretty similar to those earlier in the week.  :)  Thursday's lunch was similar to Tuesday (corn chips, taco meat, cheese, tomatoes, grapes, and snap peas), and Friday's lunch was the incredibly easy-to-throw-together carrots, cheese, crackers, strawberries, and Trader Joe's chocolate covered peanut butter pretzels. 

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Wednesday is the craziest day of the week for me.  I have VERY little time to eat lunch, and the past two weeks, it has been around 3:15 that I've been able to sit down and eat.  Since I have to drive between two schools, I decided to pack a Luna Bar (it fits PERFECTLY in the compartment!!) to eat on the run, and the rest of the lunch will wait until 3ish.  That's just the way Wednesdays will have to be.  :)

Taco Tuesday...well, nachos...

After having tacos for dinner Monday night, I pulled together some leftovers for lunch.  In the PlanetBox I packed tortilla chips, freshly grated cheese, and, in the Little Dipper, some diced tomatoes.  To round things out, I also packed grapes, snap peas, and almonds.  In a one-cup glass container (Anchor brand...it has a plastic lid), I packed a little bit of taco meat to heat up in the microwave.  The glass cup fit in the front pocket of the PlanetBox carrying bag.  It was a great lunch!!

Added to What's for Lunch Wednesday.  Check it out for more lunch ideas. 

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Another Monday

I was inspired by one of my colleagues last week to make a tomato/basil/provolone sandwich.  I have the tomatoes in a separate compartment so they don't get the bread all soggy before lunch.  I'll probably toast the bread.  I think it tastes better.

I also have some quartered white button mushrooms and some grapes (they were on sale this week...along with strawberries...pretty much the only two fruits you'll see this week!)

Catching Up

Last week got crazy, so these pictures never made it up. 

On Thursday, I had left over green beans (actually, they weren't that bad cold), some colby jack cheese, applesauce with lots of cinnamon, Triscuit thin crisps, and a fudge strip cookie.

On Friday, I had more applesauce with cinnamon, yellow pepper strips, left over rotisserie chicken, some fresh bakery bread, and a few chocolate chips. 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday and Wednesday...similar lunches

With another Open House, I didn't have time to think of another creative lunch for tomorrow, so I'll just take a near repeat of today's lunch. 

Lunches included:  High Fiber pasta tossed with olive oil and Italian herbs (oregano, basil, thyme, garlic powder), half of a sliced peach, green pepper strips or carrots, colby-jack cheese, a fudge stripe cookie for a treat.

Tuesday's lunch
Wednesday's lunch

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pineapple and Popcorn

For Monday's lunch, I have a ham and pineapple skewer, green pepper strips, grapes, Triscuit thin crisps (love those!), and chocolate chips.  

Since I have a rather long meeting after school, I wanted to pack a snack.  So, I'm bring popcorn!  Not the pre-packaged-full-of-chemicals microwave stuff, but do-it-yourself microwave popcorn!  I found THE RECIPE this spring on Allrecipes.com.  I was skeptical.  But it really works!!!  I measured 3 TBSP of popcorn and mixed it with 1/2 tsp of olive oil and sprinkled in a little salt.  I put that in the PlanetBox Little Dipper.  I'll dump the oil-coated kernels into the brown bag and keep the bag closed with the toothpick...2 min in the microwave...and...fresh popcorn! 

Added to What's For Lunch Wednesday...tons of great ideas over there!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Reruns :)

Thursday's lunch:  More chicken salad
Since my hubby is the kind of guy who is completely happy to eat the same turkey sandwich every day,  I often end up eating pretty much the same lunch over and over--especially when I make some sort of salad.  

So...lunches from Thursday and Friday...very similar to those of Tuesday and Wednesday :)

Friday's lunch:  More black bean salad

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Black Bean Salad

For Wednesday, I have a black bean salad--black beans, corn, diced tomato, and green onion...with vinegar and lime infused olive oil (I love our local olive oil and vinegar specialty store!).  I also packed red pepper strips, sliced kiwi and grapes, tortilla chips, and some chocolate chips. 

Monday, September 6, 2010

Chicken Salad

Four day weekends are nice.  

For the start of another busy week, I have packed broccoli, strawberries, chicken salad (shredded chicken breast, canola oil mayonaise...I was out of dill relish), crackers, and semi-sweet chocolate chips.  Simple.  Easy.  Healthy.  Delicious.

Added to What's For Lunch Wednesday

Thursday, September 2, 2010

End of Week 1

Well, the first week of school is done...just a short 4 day week, but I'm exhausted!  Last night I packed this lunch, but didn't have a chance to post it.  I had cheese and crackers--Babybell cheese with Triscuit Thin crisps (I love those!!), I also took several pieces of all natural turkey (Hormel brand), rolled them up and cut them into pieces.  I ate these with the cheese and crackers.  In the Big Dipper, I mixed together spaghetti squash, tomatoes, and Italian dressing.  I wasn't sure how it would be (especially the cold spaghetti squash), put I was pleasantly surprised.  It wasn't too bad.  I might actually make it again...

All in all, I'm happy with the lunches I took this week, I love my new lunchbox, and I still feel motivated to keep packing lunch like this.  No frozen meals yet...