Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Not too creative, but I still love Planet Box

I haven't been posting many pictures, but you haven't been missing anything.  My lunches have been pretty repetitive, but I'm not bored of them...probably because there's so much variety in the lunch itself.  

This week, I've taken snow peas, with hummus for dipping, a Babybel Gouda cheese, sliced strawberries, Nut Crisps (crackers with almond slices) and a small brownie.  

I've realized that it's easiest for me to pack foods that require minimal preparation...snow peas, baby carrots, clementines, grapes, crackers, Babybel cheese.  If I want a change (like strawberries) I slice/cut the fruit/veggie ahead of time...right now I have a huge bowl of sliced strawberries in the fridge.  Yum!!

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