Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Taco Tuesday...well, nachos...

After having tacos for dinner Monday night, I pulled together some leftovers for lunch.  In the PlanetBox I packed tortilla chips, freshly grated cheese, and, in the Little Dipper, some diced tomatoes.  To round things out, I also packed grapes, snap peas, and almonds.  In a one-cup glass container (Anchor brand...it has a plastic lid), I packed a little bit of taco meat to heat up in the microwave.  The glass cup fit in the front pocket of the PlanetBox carrying bag.  It was a great lunch!!

Added to What's for Lunch Wednesday.  Check it out for more lunch ideas. 


  1. My girls would love all of those grapes and cheese! They have yet to discover the joys of tacos. I was thinking of making some soon to try to sneak a tomato past their lips. It could work...